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    Rack PDUs at the Co-Lo? zero U never works

    I have had bad experiences with zero-U PDUs (i have only tried the APC ones). They keep getting in the way of equipment when you put them in the back of the cabinet .... I usually end up just having them standing up in the back of the cabinet and zip tie them to something so they dont fall down.

    Am I just stupid and using these wrong or do other people have this issue? if you have an extra long server that sits out the back it bumps into the PDU so you got to nestle the PDUs into a corner of the cabinet.

    What PDUs is everything using in various co-los? I might go with the 2U rack PDUs but with the need for 2 of them that is 4U wasted (and also since they are not very long you need some long cable runs for all of the equipment to plug into them) ..

    There has got to be a better way ! any input is appreciated. i dont like the 2U because the cable runs and the 0U just dont work out so well

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    Cabinets have gotten longer, even 36 inch long cabinets are too short these days. Make sure your Co-lo shop is providing 37-39inch cabinets and you will be fine.
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    Cabinets come in different depths, and it sounds like you might just have one that is too shallow to properly accommodate a 0U PDU. We use 36" deep cabinets, and our longest servers are 27", so it just hasn't been a problem.
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    Agreed, it sounds more like an issue with the cabinet not being deep enough. A cabinet really sounds like kind of a weird thing to be cheaping out on until this kind of situation comes up. Ideally you'll be able to fit two APC 7930's side by side on one side of the cabinet comfortably (pretty much regardless of the server chassis you're using), but I've also seen setups where you can't close the cabinet doors with even one there.
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    I assume these are generic cabinets you are using, else zero U PDU's by APC are standard size and should fitin in most cabinets (not by tieing them up)we use APC cabinets and can fit around 4 PDU's in there.
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    I've always mounted the PDU on the outsides of the rails. Why is depth a big factor? In my case I would say your cabinet width is not enough, not the depth.

    In a decent cabinet, you will be able to adjust the rails left or right to change the center of the cabinet. This would then allow room on one side to mount the PDU on the outside of the rail.

    If your mounting to the rear of the rail, whether it is deep enough or not, I would still think the PDU will get in the way of rear server rail installs and removals. That and the fact it is not easy to screw in rails at an angle!

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    Your cabinet is either too skinny or not deep enough. I hate skinny cabs. Some providers give you cabinets that are so narrow that everything is always getting in the way.

    I've always used zero-U PDUs and like them a lot (mainly the AP7930's and AP7932). I usually work with "spaceous" cabinets, so there is no issue.

    The bees knees is putting an APC AP7930 series zero-U PDU into an *APC* cabinet. They just *snap* in, no fuss. They do not get in the way of servers. All my cabinets are APC now, well worth the money.
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    Am I just stupid and using these wrong or do other people have this issue?
    yes, I have this problem too
    I wish there will be someone to help us with this issue
    best regards!

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    We use APC cabs and have had no issues with the (APC) PDUs in there.. Are you able to move the mounting brackets in further? This should create you more room at the back.
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    THe issue is likely with the cab, not with you, as many have indicated. We use APC cabinets and have had absolutely no issues with them, but our next batch of cabinets is not APC, and we've still tested the strips to work out, and are actually a bit deeper than the APC cabinets. Both cabinets have a mounting depth of around 36", but then a good 5-6"+ behind that for placement of the power strips or cable management. Without that extra room in the back I have found it very hard to keep things well organized.

    Basically, purchase good cabs, figure out the spacing in advance, and you won't have these problems. If you get cheap cabs, don't count on things like this working at all, there are reasons they're cheaper.
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