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    Payment Processing

    Right now all we accept is paypal. We would like to branch out and accept credit cards. What is a good payment processor? We would like one that works with WHMCS.

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    I would recommend the following:

    CDGcommerce/Quantum Gateway

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    I reccomend also Aletrpay along with the above as well as MoneyBookers.

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    FYI: You can check WHMCS to find out what you can and can't use..

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    These all best payment gateway may check out.

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    I think PayPal does accept credit card payment internally. Of course, there are so many dedicated credit card gateways for use.

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    I wouldnt go for moneybookers, rest of them sound ok.

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    If your in the UK Nochex might be a good one

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    Well for me 2checkOut and PayPal is working really good.

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