All accounts will be activated within >1 hour after PayPal payment is complete. Our guarantee is that you will have your VM setup, and login instructions in your inbox within > 60 minutes of payment being completed. If we fail in this promise, we give you %50 of what you just paid us back, no questions asked!
Come see why more and more customers are choosing Host Our Web for there VPS needs. Realistic hosting with realistic uptime at realistic prices means you have found the VPS hosting company you have been looking for.

No hidden costs, fee’s, contracts, or other surprises.

Windows Starter
  1. 120gb of data transfer
  2. 1024MB (1gb) of dedicated ram
  3. 1 ip address
  4. 20gb C: drive
  5. 20gb spare drive*
  6. Windows 2008 x86 Datacenter

$20 a month
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All Vps servers come with the following.
  • Custom Xen Control panel
  • Network Usage tracking and graphs.
  • 24 hour toll free hotline.
  • Non OVER SOLD nodes.
  • 99% network and server uptime guarantee*
  • Full Administrator Access

Upgrade Options
  • Extra Hard drive space at $.25 per Gb*
  • Extra Ip at $2.00 a month
  • Extra ram $8.00 per 256mb

Xen Control panel features
  • Able to start vm from powered off state
  • Able to stop vm from powered on state
  • Able to restart from powered on state

All on your own with out the need of support.

99% Uptime guarantee
Service is monitored by 3rd party and made publicly viewable to you. You can check out the current and past status by going to our website ([][/ulr] and clicking on ‘Click to check Uptime.’ Or you can click here

Additional Hard drive space
Each windows VPS comes with two hard drives. The first is your Windows drive that contains your windows OS. Since windows takes up most of this space, you will be given a second hard drive of the amount posted above (20gb) or of the additional amount ordered. There is no extending of an already mounted drive.

Test ip is