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    Smile Colocation in Equinix NY2

    Dear all,

    I am looking for small colocation space in Equinix NY2.

    (There is another topic here where the original poster was looking for dedi/colo in Equinix NY4; I joined that topic with the same request. But after doing my homework, I've adjusted the requirements: firstly, I need colo only, not a dedicated server; and secondly, NY2 is almost as good for my purposes as NY4. And apparently there are more providers offering colo there.)

    If you know someone who has (or might have) colo space in Equinix NY2, please, could you recommend them here?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Contact Nik @ Timesway

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    Dougy, thank you very much.

    Dear all: please, any more recommendations? Thanks in advance.

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    I think the most important question is your budget. NYC Metro and especially Equinix NYC metro colo is quite premium.

    Did you contact FeBox? They also have space in NY2.
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    Equinix Secaucus NY2 (NYC Metro)

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    Hi, Dave, thank you very much for your post!

    I knew that FeBox have space in NY4, but I did not think that I should ask them about NY2 (quite dumb of me).

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    Dear all,

    can you recommend any more colocation providers in Equinix NY2?

    I want to make sure that I have diligently requested quotes from everyone, before I enter the final stage of negotiation with the short-listed providers.

    Thanks a lot in advance for any inputs.

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    Id be suprised if there were many offering colo space in NY2, especially at the price you are looking to pay.
    NY2 Equinix Secaucus NJ

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    well, I've got a good price from Equinix directly. So I am thinking about getting a full rack, using 4U myself, and reselling the rest ;-)

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    Make sure you know all the setup fees and cross connect fees that will be extra, they add up quickly. Plus Equinix loves to nickle and dime you to death
    NY2 Equinix Secaucus NJ

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    yeah... I suspected it won't be easy! :-)

    On a serious note: I was just kidding, of course. Everyone should be doing what he is best at. Therefore I should not be trying to resell colo space.

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