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    Cpanel host for sale

    Me and my partner are running a small webhost for 4 months now but both do not have time to promote it. We have a unique custom coded design and fully whmcs integration to site design. The webhost has been little promoted on forums although we have 8 clients paying from $3.95 to $12.95 (one is paying $2 for a custom plan). Someone with a bit more time to promote it on forums or a bit more knowledge to do better SEO can increase the revenue significantly.

    We use 1 Server from limestonenetworks and pay 150 dollars per month but the average load is between 0.35-0.05 and BW and HD usage are 110 GB and 1-2 GB respectively. 3 clients paying quarterly, $41.55 (all pay the smallest plan) and 5 monthly, $30.8.

    Total revenue per month: $42

    we have paid the followings:

    Design and psd files : $250
    Intergration: $30 (from paytons designs)
    Server: $150 - paid until 30th of November
    WHMCS : $12.95 - paid until 30th of November to LicensePal

    Total cost: $442

    Starting price: $400
    BIN: $1200

    Payment only with escrowdns in order to have smooth transaction and we will cover the cost of the fees

    If you have any questions or enquires either post here or contact me to : [email protected]
    [email protected]

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    I don't mean to be rude but it might be more realistic to 'break up' your business,
    ie. sell the clients, design, etc seperately.

    To me your asking/starting price seems high foer what is efectivly a 'business in start up'

    Good Luck anyway.
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    What is the URL?

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    Could you please PM me with more information. I would like to know your plan details, next due/renewal dates for each client and if possible the annual report from WHMCS.

    Thank you!

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    If you are willing to only sell the clients, then please use the link in my profile to email me.

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    If your willing to sell just the clients please PM me. Thanks!
    Jacob Wall -

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    if you want i can take if off you for $200
    no need for the server and WHMCS

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    Please bid here not on pms !!

    Highest bidder is Black_angel with $ 200

    I end this on Sunday midnight GMT !

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    I'll bid $50.
    Jacob Wall -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacob Wall View Post
    I'll bid $50.
    I counter with $75

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    hello there

    on post 13th there is a bid for 200 dollars

    anything above it will be consider valid bids there is no point to bid below that amount...

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    Please pm me the URL and the plans your clients are using.

    Thank you,
    Unlimited Addon Domains,Email Accounts, MySQL Database & 24/7 Support

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    Thread cleaned, let's stay on topic, please.
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    Is the business name, address etc included and is it a bonifide business and where is it registered if it is a business
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    Can you show me your domain ?


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    please pm me url

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    i am waiting the winning bidder to respond to my message.....

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