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Thread: VPS & TCAdmin

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    VPS & TCAdmin

    Can I run a few game server off a VPS while I work on geting clients to get a Dedicated Server? if so can you all give me some good vps provider who you would go with.
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    we have customers using the VPS for game servers but just for testing purposes
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    You could do this but it depends on the specifications of your VPS. We have customers that run game servers and don't have any problems.
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    I've run game servers on VPS' before, do you know of any providers located close to you, or with good connectivity to your location as this would be key to getting a good service. In the UK I had a server running Counter Strike, TF2 and a few other things based on a vps box located at and it was fine, not sure on what the spec was though.
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    We have quite a few customers now running game servers from a VPS works generally very well. Not sure what control panel they are using though.
    Almost any provider with a decent network should be able to host your game server
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    Any specific game?

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