SPBAS, SolidPHP Business Automation Software, is an ideal ecommerce platform for SMB's:

Software & PHP Licensing
SPBAS includes a powerful and very flexible licensing system, with licensing code for PHP products included. SolidPHP were the developers of PHPAudit and Iono and our expertise in PHP licensing has been carried over to SPBAS.

Downloads and Digital Goods Distribution

SPBAS includes a number of features to support the sale of any item which involves providing the user with one or more downloads. You are able to specify limits on what and when they can download, and also make public downloads available to everyone. To increase revenue generation opportunities, SPBAS also allows you to charge your user for access to downloads after a set length of time - 30 days, 6 months, 1 year or whatever you choose.

General customer managements / services
SPBAS includes very flexible customer management, products and invoicing features. Designed to be generic, our features can apply to many industries with no modifications to the software required.

SPBAS features include:

Built in Knowledgebase (KB) features
New in our latest release, SPBAS includes a full knowledgebase feature set to provide your users with information and reduce your support tickets.

Many payment processors supported
Paypal, Paypal Recurring, Authorize.net SIM, Moneybookers, 2checkout and Google Checkout are all supported. Our payment processor system is also modular, allowing new modules to be developed and added quickly - either by us for a nominal fee or by yourself.

Full Billing Suite
SPBAS supports multiple prices per products, multi-currency support for selling your product in different currencies and markets, custom invoices and much more

Full Customer Management
Full customer management is included, and each customer record can also support multiple users if your clients and customers have several people who need access to the invoice and product history.

Multiple Storefronts
We understand that many of our customers operate several websites. SPBAS allows you to unify your backend processing through a single SPBAS installation, but with individual storefronts (customer areas and order forms) for each of your websites - individually branded. This provides your users with a great user experience, and simplifies the administration of your business.

... and many many more.

The best thing about SPBAS is that it is available today free of charge for up to 10 customers. This allows you to kick the tyres, or even start a new venture/project using SPBAS with no initial outlay. After that, our pricing is tiered and affordable - designed to grow with your business - and starts at just $149 during our promotion period. That's a savings of 25% off the regular price.

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