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    Arrow how to boost your sales

    how new web hostings can boost their sale.
    some useful tips guys I know number of gurus here

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    Word of Mouth is probably the most powerful their is
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    Keep posting offers in the marketplace/advertising forum. Once customers recongize your name you will start with the sales. Also having a link in your sig helps.
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    Once customers recongize your name
    I do not believe it is so much "Recognising Your Name", There is more to it than that.
    Once customer see you as reputable, trusting, have something to offer, Then you may start with the sales *May* not always guaranteed.

    We find it quite difficult to find Sales even being around for sometime now.

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    Daily participating in the webhosting forums with your hosting sites signature can definitely help really help you too boost sales.
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    give couple friends free month of hosting and ask them to review the service honestly.

    And ask them to review on "website review sites." but make sure these are real HONEST reviews or else you are in trouble.

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    Word of mouth is the strongest way to do it but also requires a lot of work.
    Post on forums such as WHT to get your first few clients, keep them happy, very happy and the word about your company will spread! best of all its free
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    if your clients refer you to other that i the best of all.

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    As others have said, the best is of course WOM. Look into many avenues however. Give your clients a reason to talk about you (affiliate program, rewarding them for referring clients), submit press releases, become active on forums relating to your target market, adwords, articles, directory advertising, forum or site sponsorship, etc.

    Don't forget about local marketing either. The level of competition in your local market will be far less than the competition online. Search here in the running a web hosting business section for previous marketing/local marketing related threads.

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    Run wacky offers in order to get your name out there and then people will recommend you if you provide a good service.
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    Word of mouth. We started and I had a few web dev friends and friends who had sites of their own. One of my clients referred 7 people to me last month. They are my best cheer leaders.

    Take care of the people you have and they will take care of you.

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    Add your website URL on your business cards and newsletters.
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    I am also struggling to boost my visitors and sales although submitting myself to numerous directories has helped !

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    I believe good, honest service has allowed my clients to talk and recommend. Then offering an incentive to the clients that have recommended others has truly been benefical.

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