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    Question cPanel backup -Questions


    The cPanel runs the the backup and stores the backup but if you run a daily backup or weekly backup when you remove the account from the cpanel the cpanel does not remove the backup on the next backup it keeps the backup of the accounts which have been removed by the users does not exist in the server My question is that

    1. How to avoid such backup been stored ?

    2. If the backup is stopped accidentally or killed by the user how to resume the backup from where it stopped ?
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    I assume CPanel keeps the backup incase terminating the account was a mistake or malicious. You could manually remove these backup files every few months, or if your managing a large number of servers, create a script which does this for you.

    Are we talking about the user backup from CPanel or the server backup? If CPanel stops running a backup there maybe a problem somewhere which you need to address. Otherwise if you want to force CPanel to run a backup you can always run...

    /scripts/cpbackup --force
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