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    Is it safe to run a cms?CMS?

    Is it safe to run your website and WHMCS on the same account or site?

    Say for example I was running Joomla and WHMCS on the same account. If ever a vulnerability in Joomla was found which allowed hackers to view, edit, or download files on the account, this could mean whmcs getting hacked into. End result would be all account information being stolen or worse all the account being deleted or hacked.

    How to you protect yourself again this?

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    Do it on separate servers.
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    or at least: different users (as long as you use suphp or something equivalent).

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    It should be safe to run, but if one gets compromised so do the other...
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    I think this is risky a bit. I think you need to take as much security as possible. - Professional Multi-Location Web Hosting Service.
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