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    Hi there,

    I own a small hosting business business, around 50 clients on a shared server and 8 clients dedicated. I do not own a firwall I do everything via iptables on each server which is a pain in the ass.

    I just recently purchased a Sonicwall Pro 2040, I wanted to know how do you all recommand to set it up? Should I use MIPS / VIPS? should I do Reverse NAT? Transparent Mode?

    Thank You.

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    I've previously set up a few Fortigate 50's on dedicated servers. Used transparent mode and setup was fairly simple without any change required on servers.
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    I wouldn't recommend using MIPS or VIPS in a hosting environment. NAT is good for corporate stuff or LANs. I know CPanel doesn't suggest running servers with NAT. I usually get a /30 from my ISP for the "untrust" side of the firwall. The your public IP space (however many IPs you need) would then be set as the "trust" side. Put a static route between your trust to untrust side and you're done. I use Juniper firewalls, but I know Sonicwalls and every other decent firewall on the planet can do this.

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    Use transparent mode - little bit less security (kind of) but much easier to manage your hosting operation's network.
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