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    Surviving Digg effect

    I currently pay $9.99 USD per month for a dedicated server to host my little news site.

    The specs are 667mhz / 256Mb ram / Centos / about 20-40mbit BW on a shared 100mbit port.

    Anyway, I have a possibility to have one of my articles dugg soon, as It may become popular and I am wondering.. is there anyway i can tweak this box to survive DIGG?

    I'm using wordpress at the moment, with lighttpd and mysql and I could possibly just make it a static http page I guess for the digging.

    I think that even with lots of tweaking and serving a static HTML page, it may still die.

    SO, anyway..

    My maximum budget is approximately $25 USD per month, but I'd like to spend less, ideally.

    Do you think I should A) get a 2800+ sempron / 2.8ghz p4 with 1GB of ram and unmetered 10mbit / 100mbit with 1.5TB

    Or shared hosting? Or a VPS? or what?

    OR just stick with what I have now?

    Basically it will just be news articles / blog type stuff + some images.

    The reason I say 10mbit unmetered is at least I know what my bill is going to be etcetc.

    Thank you.

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    If you can turn your content into statically generated .html files then you have a chance of surviving Digg on almost any hardware. You'll want to run nginx or lighttpd - then turn all of your php and mysql into static html and images for the period of the event.
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    You can use php accelerators and cache plugins for wordpress.

    You're better off with 100mbps with 1TB limit instead of 10mbps unmetered because if you're getting a lot of traffic and you have several images on your site your connection may get filled fast and then site becomes slow.

    you can get a good server for 30$ a month here:
    Intel Dual Core 1.6GHz E1200
    512MB DDR2 SDRAM
    80GB SATA2 HD
    1,000 GB Transfer
    Remote Power access

    I've had one and it was great, just switched to a server in Europe as it was closer to my home. Also, you'd probably get 1GB of memory and/or 120GB hard drive instead.

    Or, you could try to get a daily deal at, sometimes they have p3 at 933 mhz or weaker celerons at around 25$ a month. They're good unless you want to host porn which is prohibited on their network

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    OK I had trouble getting wp-supercache working on lighttpd so I had to switch to APACHE.

    I have got super cache on max power I think but I doubt this will stand up to much.

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    How goes the Digg stuff?

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    I have not had a chance to test that yet, maybe soon.. :}
    I post news at a popular PC website so I may try and post one of my own news articles on there first and see how that goes (would probably be 1:10th of a digg or less.) and then move up from there..

    I am also thinking of just buying mediatemple $20 hosting and not having to worry about anything.

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