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    Simplecdn alternative to host .js, .css... with gzip and expire headers?


    Anyone know some SimpleCDN alternative also with gzip and expire headers?

    I know many alternatives but none of them has gzip and expire headers. gzip reduces 80% of the traffic costs and expire headers even much more, so I think that it is a must.

    Thanks in advance

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    There are plenty of CDNs out there that can gzip and set proper expire headers. However, if you're talking about something similarly priced, you likely won't find anything. The only CDN I know of similarly priced (Highwinds) has substantial issues with "small" files --- they are targeted toward larger media files.

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    I did not expect to find a similar price

    So what alternatives with gzip and expire headers do you recommend me based on reliability and price?

    Amazon, rackspace and softlayer do not have gzip and expire headers or am I wrong?

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    Check out Edgecast. I know they do. I suspect most of the larger CDNs do as well.

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    Well.. rackspace and amazon (the first ones I asked do not gzip). Edgecast offers that service but it is extremely expensive, they request very long commitment, I did not like how they sell (looks like they are afraid to tell you the price, with those prices it's understandable...) and they even lied me saying that only simplecdn and amazon (the ones I mentioned in the chat) offer pay-as-you-go option. I just asked also softlayer (they also offer pay-as-you-go option by the way) and they do exactly what we want and they have really good prices if you pay in a monthly term instead of pay as you go.

    I am not looking anymore for a new CDN, softlayer is the one chosen.

    Since we are having problems with simplecdn during traffic surges and also some other problems time to time, probably this could be an interesting solution: DNS round robin of with simplecdn (added several times also with mirror buckets) and cloudlayer(softlayer). This way there will be traffic to softlayer but more to simplecdn but if simplecdn fails, the requests will go to softlayer.
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