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    Alternative to sharepoint

    Hello All,

    I am looking for a solution to list in a nice user friendly way files that i have uploaded to specific directories also documents much like the way sharepoint for windows works, does anyone know of any alternatives to sharepoint i could try?


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    Much as I'd hate to say it, but the only FREE, reliable and trusted solution I'd look at is google's... I also believe (maybe someone else can verify), that you can use your own domain so it integrates into your website. I had a site hosted and used google, but removed it to deploy elsewhere.

    Well, that is the only one I'd trust long-term. There are other paid products... but if I'd had to pay, I'd stick with SharePoint.

    You can find sharepoint cheap at places such as and even on some hosting companies. For example, my hosting company recently started a sharepoint offering: . It is free with most packages... I've not upgraded (old good plan) so I can't tell you how it is there.

    I have sherweb for free with my exchange account... it is okay. Some issues during the summer with speed, but I've not tested since then. Maybe I should test again to see if the issue was fixed. Apparently they were waiting on a fix from Microsoft... not sure what. Great exchange services, guess sharepoint would be great as well...
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    I have heard good things about CentralDesktop,
    Check out the tour,

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    If you just need to share files between coworkers/computers, then I'm a big fan of dropbox.

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