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    Question Weird Local issue after OS Upgrade - Web

    Greetings -

    I'm getting a very weird problem that I can't seem to figure out after I upgraded from windows 2000 adv server to windows 2008 server.

    The problem is whenever I try to visit my website (which is hosted on this server) some of the images will not load up ..

    they will be X'ed (connection seems to terminated or timed out) .. all of the text, scripts seem to work ..

    If I was to use the servers local IP Address indead of the Domain name / External IP .. everything comes up ..

    Anyone got a idea what could cause connection issues via the Domain / EXT IP?

    This has to be something new with windows 2008 --
    Maybe something in Windows Firewall settings?

    *Also note .. the problem only is happening here on my local network --

    The server has Routing Enabled w/Nat --
    All other websites work fine -
    People outside of my local network can see my website with no issues - via the Domain ...

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    So, to make sure have your issue right (assuming your internal IP range is and your external IP is

    You have a router with an external IP of You have a server with an IP of You have a client (desktop) with an IP of The router is configured to forward all connections on port 80 to You have a entry in your name server " IN A".

    If an external user hits, everything works fine. If the internal client goes to, again everything works fine. If the internal client tries, then they get a timeout.

    This is due to your usage of NAT with port forwarding. The internal clients will not be able to hit the external IP and get the same port forwarding. This is a limitation of almost every router I have seen. Your best bet is to set up split brain DNS, such that is for your local clients but for the rest of the world.

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