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    i need hosting shopping cart

    Dear all,

    i want to add a shopping system in a web hosting site, i want something like this

    webnethosting .net/order_package_type.php?hosting_plan=1
    2mhost .com/admin/order/package/1


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    They both look like custom programming checkouts really. That or heavily customized software.

    If you are looking to a accounts package specific to hosting then check out whmcs or plesk billing. Both have their merits. I'm a fan of whmcs as it makes things much easier to control and update but then plesk billing is incredibly flexible.

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    isn't there anything open source

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    nope not as far as i'm aware. WHMCS is only a few dollars a month for the branded version though.

    Only other solution is to program it yourself - sorry!

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