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    Need Suggestions for Bulk Email needs

    We are currently hosting with a shared hosting provider for our web/email needs and are looking to upgrade to a dedicated server that can scale our bulk email requirement (not spam).

    We usually need to send out about 25K emails a day. Since we require the convenience of sending out emails from the individual Outlook clients and multiple people might be sending out the emails, we are thinking that a dedicated server might suit our needs better. Our web traffic very minimal and the load is primarily on email handling.

    Any suggestions on providers that might suit our requirements along with hardware suggestions ?

    Thanks In Advance

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    25k emails per day is huge. If you are currently hosting this on a shared hosting account, you probably wouldn't need a very powerful server. A 100mbps connection and a good amount of bandwidth should do.

    You could go for a dual/quad core server with 2-4gb ram, that should suit your needs. Just make sure you speak to a provider in live chat first. They'll probably notice the huge amount of emails being sent and think it's spam.

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    Just as Xenode alluded, you will need to speak to the provider and make sure they know why you need the server. 25k a day is easily noticablw. I believe they will let you as long they are not getting spam complains.

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    Thanks XENode and midnight for your responses. Our current web host is not supporting bulk email, and we had to resort to 3rd party tools that support Bulk emailing. However, thats not very convenient for us and hence we are looking to move to a dedicated host.

    Are there any hosts recommended for such needs ? Budget is around $120 (including cPanel) and reliability is critical for us as we cannot afford missing out emails.


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    IMHO 25k emails per day is better left out to a dedicated provider for many reasons - 1) they should be able to handle your anti-spam blocking, email tracking, bounce handling etc. Unless of course you are able to do this on your own

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    If you are currently on shared hosting and do not need a lot of CPU, a VPS might be cheaper and adequate for your needs. Make sure you get enough bandwidth bundled for your needs and clear it with your provider.

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