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    In Need of a VPS

    Hello everybody,

    I'm urgently in need of a VPS hosting solution for one of my websites.

    My requirements are :
    Disk Space : not much, 1 GB is enough for me.
    Bandwidth : 250GB
    I'm not sure about the RAM and processor requirements.
    Control panel : cPanel is best. If its not possible, DirectAdmin atleast.
    My budget : $10-$12 per month

    Anyone has any suggestions ?


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    I'm not sure if you'd be able to get a cPanel-licensed VPS for $10/month. The licensing is what's going to get you on that.

    So price aside, I'll throw out some of the best providers that I think you'll be very happy with: - Scalable so you can add RAM/CPU percentage/disk space/bandwidth to your VPS on the fly, and you can even throttle it back if you only need power for a short period of time. They've also got quite a selection of pre-built Linux images. I personally use them for two Debian-based VPSs that power my website and blog. The service is incredible. $20/month gets you one "node" of performance.

    Joe's Datacenter - Probably closer to what you need if not exceeding it. The base model gives you 30GB storage and 700GB transfer, and free DirectAdmin. Joe is probably your best bet at $19/month.

    Hope you find what you're looking for!
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    A cPanel license alone is generally $15. For those specifications with around 128mb ram, expect to pay about $20-25 per month from most providers.

    To find a more accurate price, you'll need to specify the amount of ram required. Do you have a rough idea? 128mb? 256mb?

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    If you could do without cPanel you could surely find good offers within your budget.

    Personally I dont know what you have to do with this server but if it's just hosting a site you really dont need cPanel, webmin could do just fine (and it's free).
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    $15 alone for cPanel..... Try to increase you budget

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    I would go for direct admin, its only $5-6p/m and you should be able to get a VPS that fills the other requirements for about $7-12.
    Over your budget but I think the closest your going to get.
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    For 1GB of diskspace and 250 bw you should definitely be able to find something in that price range, but like everyone has said will be impossible with a control panel.

    Since you don't really have any RAM or CPU requirements you might want to look at a shared solution as that would be in your price range and probably have a control panel you could use.

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    You might want to raise your budget, plus you could check the offer forum here. =)

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    why spend $10-12 on a vps, that's too costly, they getting a shared host with cpanel for $2 or something..

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    Quote Originally Posted by linuxissues View Post
    why spend $10-12 on a vps, that's too costly, they getting a shared host with cpanel for $2 or something..
    Perhaps they want a VPS for more freedom then what a shared web hosting server can provide them. I know some people who have had a VPS and shared hosting and say they will never go back to shared hosting regardless.

    With only $10.00 to $12.00 'per' month for a VPS is rather cheap and I don't think you will be able to find one for that. Best of luck!
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    I would suggest you try a reseller plan but if you need the VPS you would also need to raise the budget
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