I have them for a while, but not needed anymore. Below prices are BIN. Please feel free to make any reasonable offer:

Beatles.ms: $320
//Was planning to build a community site, since The Beatles are still huge here in Japan, but no time...//

Penguin.ms: $320
//Same as above. Wanted to start a Linux community, but never had the time.

Thyme.cc: $50
Cumin.cc: $50
// Food related websites, forum, recipe site?

Humo.biz: $200
Humo.org: $200
//There is a vBulletin (owned v3.6.7) forum going on in the humo.org. Have 600 something members but it is abandoned. I build it for a relative sometime ago, long story. I don't know if I can transfer the vBulletin, but if it is possible vBulletin licence is included IF you buy both .org and .biz (see below)

Humo.biz+org: $350
Whole package: $750