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    AdPeelers - Page Corner Peel Advertising AdPeelers . com

    If your looking for a page peel script, one that works great in all browsers and can be used in all websites, including wordpress templates, joomla themes etc.

    Check out AdPeelers - AdPeelers. com

    Comes complete with admin interface to add and remove adverts, works with gif jpg and swf formats to create static or animated peel ads.

    Version 5 will be coming out soon and you can get a free upgrade if you buy version 4 now.

    In version 5 you will have an all new admin interface with the ability to create campaigns, allowing you to show multiple different sets of ads in different locations, you will also have the ability to choose which corner of your page the ads appear in, if the links open in a new window or the same window, have scrolling text accross your ads and many other features.

    Can't beat the deal buy version 4 today $9.95 and get a free upgrade to version 5 when it is released.

    Also have a Hosted AdPeelers version which is basically the exact same features of version 5 but hosted completely by us, so that you do not have to worry about installing php scripts and mysql databases into your own site simply login to ours, upload some ads, generate your code and away you go.

    The hosted version is a mere $4.95 a month or grab a discounted lifetime membership for only $20, thats a one off payment to use the hosted script for life, unlimited campaigns, unlimited peel ads per campaign.

    Donít miss out on the great deals, members of the hosted version will also soon have access to peel ad graphics from within the members area that they can customize and edit to create their own ads in minutes.

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