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    Forum posters needed

    I just integrated a bbpress forum to my blog. I need forum posters


    New post/reply:0.1$
    New Thread with some details: 0.15$


    1. Post only original content. I will check for plagiarism
    2. Post atleast 5 quality replies before you start the second thread.
    3. Multiple accounts not allowed.
    4. Exception to the 5 reply condition will be granted if there are not enough threads to answer. In that cause duplicate account creation is allowed.
    5. Dont link to spam sites using signatures.
    6. Answers must be properly researched. Minimum 30 word answers needed.
    7. Posting in general/chit chat section will not be considered
    8. Links to other sites are not allowed if you want payment credit (Links to established sites like wikipedia and highly relevant links can be counted as exception).


    The first 2 people to reach 100 posts will get 5$ extra (Each).
    The person contributing the best post will win 5$ (In a 15 day period)

    Site: Health Forum

    Payment method: paypal

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    are you in need of Forum Posters

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    Hello, i am interested in your thread, but am looking for further deatils, thx.

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