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Thread: VPS question

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    VPS question

    Hello community,

    I want to start a small local webhosting company. I dont want to start as a reseller. I want to start with a VPS, but I want to start cheap.

    I have read about being one of the best cheap VPS providers. Can you tell me more about RAMhost?

    Can you recommend me other cheap VPS providers?
    I dont need much space and bandwidth. All i need is enough RAM (512) to run cPanel/WHM with approx. 20 clients.

    Thank you

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    Do you have knowledge in running/managing a vps and what control panel do you wish to start with, windows or linux? There's many things to consider. Try the "FIND A HOST" option and ask hosts around, many can probably also help you get started.
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    Take a look into the offers section and make sure to use the search feature before signing up.

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    I think that 512mb ram for CPANEL is very low. If you have a small budget instead cPanel use DIrectadmin.

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    If you clients are very inactive 512mb would be ok, but cPanel does normally need something a bit more substantial.
    Be prepared to upgrade ram soon!
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    Are you looking for a managed or unmanaged VPS?

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    What do you think your clients will be using this for? If they are hosting forums or any dynamic content you might find that 512MB RAM is not quite the strength you need. Though if you found a good Virtuozzo host you might be able to squeeze by with that much RAM and cPanel (is generally difficult to find a Virtuozzo host with cPanel as they tend to lean towards Plesk).

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    ummm....The host you pointed out as being cheap really looks that way. (sry to say). they even have the linux icon in the fav bar
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