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    eNom - pop3 email service

    OK firstly I hope this is reasonable to post in the domain forum,
    my logic is it's about eNom, who are primeraly Domain sellers.

    Anyway, simple questions:

    Does anybdy have any experience of eNoms pop3 email service ?

    Is it any good ?

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    Enom seems to be pretty good with technology so I would probably say it should be good

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    Yes, we have lots of customers who use eNom pop3 mail service and they seem to like it.

    (At least, they renew it, so I'm assuming it is working for them...)

    It's pretty basic.. you signup for the service, you get a pop3 mailbox pack. As far as I'm aware, it's also very reliable. eNom's servers seem well managed.
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    Thanks folks,
    any one else tried enom pop3 ?
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