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    PhotonVPS a 2 month review

    After a rocky start with Photon things have got better but things could still be better.

    First off I chose the "Beam 1" for 10.95 a month and got it for 3 months I then added CPanel and Fantasitco for another 13.50 a month.

    At first it was a very slow setup but once it was setup everything worked great, the tickets are answered reasonably quick although the company tends to promise things they can't deliver.

    My biggest pain in the neck problem right now is I don't have any kind of control panel access to my server. In the original e-mail sent to me I was given a Fluid VM username and password and it didn't work.

    Then I get told its in beta, last week I contacted them recently and told me my server was never done with Fluid VM and that they are rolling something out and they said that week but they have yet to do anything.

    Ping time and speed are great I've had once instance of downtime other than that I've had no problems.

    The only other big gripe is billing, I hate having to get "double billed" I must pay for my cpanel, fantastico seperate from my normal billing I would of rather been billed all at once and been done with it.

    Overall I guess for a few small problems you can't beat the price I would recommend them.

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    Thanks for sharing your experience, for billing issues I'm sure they can work something out, it would make more sense to have one invoice, try asking them. Good luck and be sure to keep us updated in the future.

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    Please open a ticket to get the billing merged we'll be glad to get this done for you. You probably ordered them separately which may caused the double / separate billing.

    Lastly in terms of the panel we had to stop giving access to FluidVM a panel we been beta testing we had a lot of complaints on this panel and stopped giving access. At the moment we are working on migrating all VPS to another panel but given the number of VPS we have in housed its a slow process since we need to test it again before migrating everyone off.

    Our 24/7 team are always around and willing to work with you. Other than that I believe that was the only promise broken.

    Uptime, speeds are reasonably good the only downtime you experienced was a few months ago during our DDOS issues with a client which is no longer an issue since we fixed our community strings with our carriers.
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    We are just starting to use PhotonVPS for some servers in the US, and have found the hardware and network they use to be very good indeed. No issues at all.

    We have had problems with their Customer Service from the start with them placing a trial cPanel license on my server when we joined and then proceeded to not activate my Installatron license which I paid for along with the server.

    However to give Photon their due they did respond quickly and rectified the issues within a reasonable time frame.
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