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    gemwebhost - Horrible!

    These guys are terrible.
    Prior to signing up I was told that the VPS would be able to handle 10,000 people on a vbulletin forum and once I sign up I just need to create a ticket for them to optimize the server.
    Well I decided to go with them and their support was pretty quick but as the days went by their response time got higher and higher to the point where they wouldn't even bother replying to a ticket unless I constantly went on live support and bugged them.
    Today, I only had about 1500 people on and the server began acting really slugging, the site began loading really slow and eventually everyone was getting a database error!
    I tried to contact their live support and the representative said the senior manager isn't here today (although their site advertises 24/7 live support).

    Basically I was outright lied to. Don't go with gemwebhost, these guys are terrible!

    Could someone please recommend a place where I can host a site that'll be able to handle about 10,000 people without slow downs as stated above? My budget is about $50.

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    Are you saying that is 10,000 concurrent users online, using the forums at the same time?

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    Yes up to 10,000 on at the same time using the forum.

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    Then be prepared to spend more than $50. 10,000 concurrent users isn't going to play nice on anything that you're going to buy in that price range.

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    What do you think will be able to handle it? Also do you have any idea how much I may have to spend?

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    You probably need to be looking for a $299 dedicated or something

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    I used to be on a core2duo e8400 with 2GB of ram and it ran fine. But I used the split the cost with others but since they left I had to cut my spending..

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    Quote Originally Posted by linuxissues View Post
    You probably need to be looking for a $299 dedicated or something
    Hey there,

    Its quite possible. We run a very large website ( ) on one of our VPS's coupled with our shared SQL server and they hit 1800+ on the site on an almost daily basis with no issues or sluggishness at all. They're running vbSEO along side a bunch of other mods as well. It took a little bit of tuning and work to make sure it was running smooth, but again that was really no issue to get done ;-)

    They're on a $99/m plan and i'm sure with even more tuning could get that a bit lower.

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