Panenthe is a web based application that will allow you to create and manage different virtual machines based on different technologies across multiple machines and platforms. The features provided will allow you to control your whole VPS Hosting from one central location.

Username: demo_staff
Password: demo

Main Features:

OpenVZ Drivers implementation
Admin Login
Client Login
Assign Multiple Users to VPS
IP Pools/Ip addresses
Add Server/Add Resource Packages
User Manager/Staff Manager
Assign VPS to Multiple Users
Add Templates/Delete Templates
Server Clustering ( Manage VPS in one location )
Basic API Module
Bandwidth Logging
ALOT & ALOT MORE, check our website/demo

Current Work in Process:
HyperVM Migrator
Xen Driver
Backup Feature

1.06 ChangeLog

Bug Fixes

- Fixed timeouts on bad SSH connections that cause hangups.
- Rebuilds now set resolv.conf
- Rebuilds now set root password.
- Rebuilds now correctly handle IP addresses.
- Fixed long page loads with creation, rebuild, and OST creation.
- Fixed known issue that prevented reboots.
- IP Tables are now saved correctly on Debian and CentOS Systems.
- Default VM parameters have been increased including INODES.
- IP Tables are now cleaned up upon IP removal.
- Installer now verify's slave nodes root password.
- Fixed serveral notice level warnings on the interface.
- Booting a VM thats already running now returns success.
- OS Template names are now forced based on OpenVZ standards.
- Issue with poweroff and stats during VM power control has been fixed.
- Installations on x64 systems no longer attempts to use ovz-ent kernel.
- Installer now correctly sets created timestamps on servers.
- Installer now assigns more friendly hostnames to the PanentheVM and Slave.
- PanentheVM now uses default VM limits and proper dist configuration.
- VM root password now accepts all special characters.
- Installer root password checking now accepts all special characters.
- Server manager root password now accepts all special characters.

Features and Changes

- Users are now banned from login after X number of failed attempts.
- Full API has now been added see the Panenthe Documentation for more.
- Orphaned users can now be shown.
- Logo URL can now be entered in the Panenthe Settings area.
- Full IP Mapping has been implemented, which shows which IP to which VM.
- Threading and SSH Piggybacking has been implemented to improve poll times.
- IPs may now be assigned in any amount that is desired.
- Improved bandwidth monitoring and setup of bandwidth monitors.
- Improved OS Template creation, now uses backgrounding and is more robust.
- Resource overview of allocated resources per server.
- More complete statistics on VM page.
- Driver control beta release, allows drivers to be installed/removed from slaves without ever leaving Panenthe.
- Send test welcome email.
- Ability to enable email debugging.
- Background queuing implemented with container locking.
- VM creation now backgrounded.
- VM removal now backgrounded.
- VM rebuild now backgrounded.
- OS Template creation now backgrounded.
- Setup network added to server manager, allows IP Tables to reinitialized.
- Setup keys added to server manager, allows SSH keys to server to be reinstated in the event they become unusable.
- Second level quotas now enable for Virtual Machines.
- Settings manager is now active in the Panenthe panel to allow manipulate of the configuration file from the interface.
- Forgot password retrieval can now be disabled.
- Disk quota is now never disabled during installation or any other time.
- Adding of IP's now returns user to IP list.
- Panenthe is now updated to latest version during installation.
- New live update system uses a tar.gz format.
- Live update is now backgrounded.
- Changelog and news provided on live update page.
- Installer now flushes firewalls before installation, these should be reapplied after installation.
- Subversion no longer in use for live update or installation.

Thanks to everyone the helped us test and get this release ready.