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    Question Obtaining New Domain name

    I am VERY new to web hosting and have been reading the tutorials on this site. My question is...we would like to register for a domain name with GoDaddy and then transfer(?) it to Hostgator where we actually want our website to be. Question is...Once it is registered do we need to wait 60 days to transfer to Hostgator or are we missing something? Thanks

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    Domain registration and Domain hosting are two different activities.

    So if your plan is to buy the domain from GoDaddy and host with Hostgator, just do that.

    When you register the domain through GoDaddy, it will ask you for Name servers and over there give the Nameservers of HostGator (contact HostGator to get details of NameServers).

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    Quite so. GoDaddy gives you any option to host your domain wherever you want. No need to transfer.

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    Thanks for all your help & patience with a newbies like us!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VicPes View Post
    Thanks for all your help & patience with a newbies like us!
    hehe, its good when you do know what you are doing. there are a lot of hosting providers who mislead people and make them initiate a real transfer of the domain name. They ask for your EPP code as if they need to "verify" your ownership of the domain and then transfer domain to themselves. It's really an interesting trick since you can't really verify if the EPP is valid until you complete the transfer. careful

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    Just go to Godaddy login, manage domains and change Name server to the Hostgator name servers. If you get stuck ask here but the info you need for this will be found on
    hosting is ongoing

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