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    Need System's Admin for Local, Staging and Production Mac, Linux and Windows Servers

    We are an agency with growing administration needs. Some things we need done on a regular basis:

    - Plan, and setup our local environment with Directory Authentication, File Sharing and Local Applications for about 10 Mac Workstations on a Mac OSX Snow Leopard Server.
    - Setup, Deploy and Manage Python and PHP Application on Linux Servers, Locally and on Servers on Slicehost.
    - Administer primary production Windows and Linux server for uptime and application performance as needed.
    - Good knowledge of scaling infrastructures for Application and Database Servers.

    We're open to working with someone remotely, or recruiting someone part time if you are in the Pune area. Impeccable communication is a must. Preference is to work with someone with good experience and hands-on with the Mac and Python Environment. We are flexible with timing and can pay really well, if you just 'get it.

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    Dade2, we've sent you an email.

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    We can do this job for you. We are available through out the day and you can get us online on the following.

    Yahoo : ticketforge
    AIM : ticketforge
    Hotmail : ticketforge

    Let us know.

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