AcuNett | Quality 24x7x365 Service Guaranteed

Throughout our 8 years in business we have built a strong reputation for generating happy clients.

Member of the Middle Tennessee BBB (Better Business Bureau)
"Champions for Ethics and Integrity in Business"

One Time Services
Kernel Compile | w/ grsecurity | $25
Firewall Installation & Configuration | CSF or APF | $10
Hourly System Admin Service | $30 per hour

[Operating Systems]
Fedora Cores 5 - 11
RHEL/CentOS 3 - 5
Debian 3 - 5

[Control Panels]
No-CP Servers / Webmin Servers


AcuNett | Quality 24x7x365 Service Guaranteed

Our Promises

1 Hour Case Examination - Guaranteed
Tired of mass replies? No dubious "response time" here. We start on each case within 1 hour.

30 Minute Average Response Times - Guaranteed
On average work begins well under the 1 hour mark.

6 Hour Case Resolution - 9/10 Guaranteed
We say 9/10 as 90% of all tickets fall here. We leave room for 10% - such as those that require perpetual monitoring.

1.5 Hour Average Resolution Times - Guaranteed
On average cases are closed within 1.5 hours

15 Minute Reboots - Guaranteed
We monitor your server every 5 minutes. If it's down, we'll have it back online before you can say "holy cow".

Compromise Protection - Guaranteed
We don't claim to protect your server. We GUARANTEE it. See our Compromise Protection Guarantee

Data Protection - Guaranteed
Nor do we claim to protect your data. We GUARANTEE it. See our Data Protection Guarantee

24x7x365 - Guaranteed
Rain on shine, holidays, we're always here for you. Even on that occasional 366th day.

Base Services Included

Essential Server Setup - FREE
A complete server security, optimization, hardening, and initial setup for new servers.

Disaster Recovery
Hard drive crashes can be devastating. Not so with us. We'll have you back up and running asap.

Advanced Backup Configuration (Local & Remote)
Backups are the most crucial yet overlooked part of an IT setup. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing. With us, you'll have it.

50GB of Remote Backup Space - FREE
Just to help get you started off right.

Server Migrations
Upgrading hardware? New datacenter? No worries, we'll take care of it for you. We perform over a dozen migrations each month.

Hourly SysAdmin Time - Unlimited
The way it should be. Unlimited. We have never restricted the # of tickets. Not once. Not since 2001, our birth.

3rd Party Software Installation - Unlimited
Server-required software installs such as Fantastico, FFmpeg, GD, Ioncube, Perl modules, you get it all. Just ask!

24x7 ServerSitterTM Monitoring
24x7 checks every 5 minutes for website availability!

Proactive Services Included

Proactive System Health Checks - Weekly
Your server's health is reviewed by one of our technicians to ensure optimal operation.

Proactive Security Audits - Weekly
A security scan/audit is also run on the system to spot for any suspicious activity and possible exploits.

Proactive System Updates - Weekly
Operating system updates are downloaded and applied to your server.

Proactive Security Patches & Software Updates - Weekly
Critical security patches and third party server software updates are performed.

Proactive Backend Server Updates - Weekly
Kernel, PHP, MySQL, Apache updates are applied or scheduled depending on your preference.

Reports - Weekly
Reports are compiled and posted to your account.

Are You Ready for Peace of Mind?

Price - Two Options:
$35 Setup & $65/month or
$0 Setup & $75/month

All of this backed by an Industry Leading SLA - Viewable @

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