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    changing ownership of multiple accounts in cPanel using SSH, how? help pls.

    I have to mass change the ownership of accounts and I find "Change Owner of Multiple Accounts" tedious.

    I found a bash script but I'm not sure if this works


    cd /var/cpanel/users

    if [ $# = 2 ]; then
    replace "OWNER=${1}" "OWNER=${2}" -- /var/cpanel/users/*
    echo "USAGE: ./${0} <old reseller login> <new reseller login>"
    If that works, how can I tweak it so that the change in ownership of accounts will be based in the hosting package and not in the old reseller account?

    I hope someone can help me. thank you.
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    You change the ownership of /home/users to user:user using the following steps.

    Step 1 : Create a file that contain the usernames

    cd /home
    cat /etc/trueuserowners | cut -d -f1 > users.txt
    Step 2 : Changing the ownership

    for i in `cat users.txt`; do chown -R $i: /home/$i ; chown -R $i:mail /home/$i/etc; done
    chown -R $i:mail /home/$i/etc will change the group to "mail" , otherwise the mail service didn't work for the users .

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    Nice Command RAMSH. thanks

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    If you want to change the permission

    cd /home
    ls -al|grep root

    for i in `ls /var/cpanel/users/`; do chown $i:$i /home/$i ; done
    for i in `ls /var/cpanel/users/`; do chown -R $i:$i /home/$i/* ; done

    Then run;

    for i in `ls /var/cpanel/users/`; do chown $i:nobody /home/$i/public_html ; done
    for i in `ls /var/cpanel/users/`; do chmod 750 /home/$i/public_html ; done

    Then run;


    chown root.root /home
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