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    Unhappy Website isnt working but I thought it was setup OK


    I have been working on this for the past few hours and for the life of me I can't seem to get my site to work.

    I have a domain name ( that uses nameservers which are registered nameservers in WHM (I believe I have set it up correct) - I have done various tests - pretty much everything I have tried says there is a problem. The domain name used to point to a different server recently but i created the nameservers, registered them on the server and then told the domain name to use the new nameservers.

    I setup a new account in WHM for the account to use dedicated IP address:
    It uses nameservers:

    When I try to go to the domain - i get the timed out error

    When I check it on intoDNS I get the following results:
    Nameserver records returned by the parent servers are: [''] [TTL=172800] [''] [TTL=172800]

    amongst other things. In WHM I click on nameserver IPs and I get the following:

    The hostname is


    Is there anything anyone can think of as to why this isnt working? If there is anything you would like to me to do for further testing / pasting results I'll do it. Ive just nearly given up on a nights work which i havent got anywhere!

    Please help!
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    When I go to or all I get in my browser is 'Index of /' which seems to indicate you haven't uploaded any content to the site

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    How long ago did you change the nameservers?

    It's working fine for me here, I see an empty directory. Perhaps the DNS had not propagated when you checked, remember it takes 24-72 hours to fully propagate.

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    Yeah I checked it - thanks very much both of you it seems I my local is using cached dns info - even when i flush it and ping the domain name im getting a ping sent to the old ip address - hummm im pleased its at last working thats a relief!!!

    Thanks very much again once its sorted my side i should be able to upload everything!
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    It should be an issue with the recent nameserver/IP update in whois . The recent update date in whois was Last Update Date: 2009-11-07 . Normally whois update will take propagation time delay of 4 to 24 hours . I hope this issue should be sorted now.

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