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    * [US] - VPS - 50% Discount - Free Direct Admin - 256mb RAM Starts @ $4.00 Ė Your Hosting Just Got Better!

    As always we are pleased to announce our amazing offers first to members and this week is no different!
    Massive savings for everyone and the launch of our new control panel!

    November Madness!!!
    50% off your first month!! Promo Code = ZanyVPS
    Free Direct Admin**!! (make a ticket after purchase)
    New Instant Setup on all OpenVZ VPSís!!
    **Selected VPSís

    As you may know we have been spending the last few weeks moving all of our OpenVZ clients to a new control panel (vePortal v2.1) which is quickly becoming the industry standard in VPS control panels, and now you can use the same great service!
    This means our set-up time has just got even faster!
    Soon as your payment is received in a matter of minutes you will get an email with login details for your new VPS server(s)!

    That means Instant set-up and also 50% off your first months payment!
    Promo Code = ZanyVPS

    So why chose
    Instant setup, reboots and reinstalls with vePortal
    Loads of OSís to choose from!
    24/7 Support from OpenVZ and XEN Specialists
    24 Hour money back Guarantee*
    99.9% Network Uptime
    Free Backup Service
    All Guarantied RAM! No Overselling!

    The servers and network.
    All of servers are state of the art and have a massive min spec of Intel Xeon Quad Core, 8GB RAM, and 2TB HDD Space!
    These are then given redundant gigabit uplinks to the zany network where they have multiple 10GigE connections to our Transit and Peering providers.
    What else could you ask for?

    All VPSís come with:
    1-2 Free IPís
    50% off your first month!
    1 Free Backup per hour!
    High End Hardware
    Free vePortal CP
    Upgrade Options

    VPS Plans

    OVz Starter
    256 MB Guarantied RAM
    10 GB HDD Space
    250 GB Premium Network Bandwidth
    $4.00 First month! ($8.00 p/m)
    More Info / Order Now

    OVz Mini (Best Seller!)
    512 MB Guarantied RAM
    25 GB HDD Space
    400 GB Premium Network Bandwidth
    $7.50 First month! ($15.00 p/m)
    More Info / Order Now

    OVz Large
    1024 MB Guarantied RAM
    50 GB HDD Space
    800 GB Premium Network Bandwidth
    $12.50 First month! ($25.00 p/m)
    More Info / Order Now

    OVz Mega
    2048 MB Guarantied RAM
    100 GB HDD Space
    1200 GB Premium Network Bandwidth
    Free Direct Admin for life!!!
    $20.00 First month! ($40.00 p/m)
    More Info / Order Now

    OVz Ultimate

    4096mb Guarantied RAM
    210GB HDD Space
    2800GB Premium Network Bandwidth
    Free Direct Admin for life!!!
    $40.00 First month! ($80.00 p/m)
    More Info / Order Now


    Opperating Systemís

    Over 30, and all with instant setup!
    CentOS 5 64bit is recommended
    CentOS 4 & 5 (32 or 64bit)
    Debian 3,4 & 5 (32 or 64bit)
    Fedora 8,9,10 & 11 (32 or 64bit)
    Suse 10.3 & 11.1 (32 or 64bit)
    Ubuntu 7.1, 8.04, 8.10 & 9.04 (32 or 64bit)

    Control Panelís
    cPanel = $16.25 p/m
    DirectAdmin = $6.00 p/m
    Kloxo = Free (out dated)
    Installation of all = Free (not inc setup)
    Order Now

    Upgrade Options

    Per Extra IP $1.15p/m
    Max of 3 IPís per VPS email if more required
    More Bandwidth $POA
    More HDD Space $POA
    More RAM $POA


    How long will setup take?

    If your account passes all of the automated fraud checks your server should be online within 3min of full payment for the first invoice.
    If it doesnít or there are any problems we aim to have it online in less than 6 hours.
    If itís over 12hours you will get a full refund with no questions asked.

    How many VPSís per server?
    There is no easy answer; basically itís as many as we can fit on the server without overselling any of the resources or impacting other clients, generally around 12.

    What does unmanaged mean?
    We will get the server to a state where you can login with the root username over SSH and ping, after that we donít help with anything else.
    If it doesnít work after the install to get back to SSH prompt we can reinstall the OS. You should always keep backups!

    How much burst RAM is there?
    None, burst ram is basically overselling, you buy a set amount of ram and thatís what we provideÖ simple!

    How long have you been around?

    Just over a year now under the name of ZanyHost and already eating up the competition! We have a lot more experience than that though!

    Payment Options?
    At the moment we will only take Pay Pal, if the order amount is over $200 we will accept other methods, if so please contact.
    Order Now

    [email protected] = general questions
    [email protected] = pre sales questions
    [email protected] = for support questions
    Live chat is at the top right of all pages!
    Replies will take up to 24hours, support tickets are the only contact methd monitored 24/7

    Kind Regards, Sales Team!
    - Buying up websites, side-projects and companies - PM Me! -

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    how to get free directadmin? ordering it Pay

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    Any chance you could offer this with Lxadmin/kloxo?


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    Sorry about the later than usual replies, forgot to sub to the thread

    @Phidelio Kloxo doesn't work with vePortal and its also insecure, we will have a webmin template up soon!

    @concador DirectAdmin comes free on someo f the packages listed on the site, after ordering create a support ticket and we will format the VPS and install with direct admin for you!
    - Buying up websites, side-projects and companies - PM Me! -

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