Nuclearfallout ( offers unmanaged VPS/VDS configurations that are specifically designed for game servers and demanding web applications. All are Xen-based, using stub domains and GPLPV drivers (on Windows 2003) to maximize performance. Our configurations include:

Single core: Perfect for a single game server or large website.

* One full, dedicated HT CPU core (Core i7 or better)
* 1024 MB of RAM
* 100 GB of hard drive space
* 500 GB of pure InterNAP bandwidth transfer
* One IP address

Current price: 39.99 USD; 35.99 with 3-month chunk rental

Two core: Perfect for two game servers or several large sites.

* Two full, dedicated HT CPU cores (Core i7 or better)
* 2048 MB of RAM
* 200 GB of hard drive space
* 1000 GB of pure InterNAP bandwidth transfer
* Two IP addresses

Current price: 74.99 USD; 67.49 with 3-month chunk rental

(Note that "HT core" refers to an Intel hyperthread/logical CPU.)

Our other features:

* Gigabit uplink port
* A 2-day free trial period for all new renters
* No setup fees
* Discounts with multiple month rental commitments
* Chicago or Dallas immediate availability, with instant automatic setup
* Autoinstalls for CentOS 5.4, Gentoo Linux, Windows 2003, and Windows 2008 (at no extra charge)
* A control panel with that easily allows the VM to be turned off or on, the OS to be reinstalled, virtual DVDs to be inserted, bandwidth usage to be monitored, and various Xen options to be set

Check out our order page to kick off a trial or to find out more information: You can also email us directly with any questions:

About Nuclearfallout:

Nuclearfallout Enterprises, Inc. is one of the largest game server providers in North America and has been renting out premium game servers since 2002. NFO has a strong focus on both performance and service.

NFO offers game servers, dedicated servers, Ventrilo and Murmur/Mumble servers, virtual dedicated servers, and webhosting, and has a reseller package available for game servers.