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    Smile urgent SCP usage??

    Hi there I need to copy some large files from ServerA to ServerB, I want to use scp command.
    I need a step by step guide to use it please.
    from which server should I start the conection?
    what is command to use?

    Thank you.

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    scp ./file.tar.gz [email protected]:~/file.tar.gz

    I think

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    number of ways you can do that.
    here is simple step

    serverA -----> Server B

    you need to login on server A.
    go to path where your file or folder is placed.

    cd /path/to/file i.e /home/dedi/
    now copy file suppost abc.htm

    scp abc.htm [email protected]:/path/to/copy
    scp abc.htm [email protected]*.*:/var/www/html
    if you wana copy folder abc

    scp -rv abc [email protected]:/path/to/copy


    another way is login to serverB
    go to path where you want to copy
    copy file if you know the path of file on SERVERA
    issue command

    scp [email protected]:/path/of/file .

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    Lovely thank you guys,
    I tried it for a file and it worked. How can I copy multiple files or a whole directory (30GB).

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    That it I found it.
    scp -r [email protected]:/path/
    Thank you guys

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