As low as $35 unmetered bandwidth for shared up to 25 Mb/s streams - includes Windows, Flash, 3G mobile and iPhone streaming (you can choose any of those).

All servers are on optimized for performance network - excellent performance for any point on the Internet US/abroad - see

10 - 15 % an average network utilization of our servers (abusers will be banned - especially for copyrighted content)

See: for Windows live streaming for Flash live streaming for 3GP mobile live streaming for iPhone live streaming

We have free test accounts (also on optimized network). You can switch to any plan at any point of time. Majority of our customers are switching to a bigger plans since, because of the quality of network (we are using exclusively Tier 1 providers), popularity of the "channels" is growing very fast, unlike in other cases "buffering" prevents for channels to become popular.

Support only for paid accounts, we will provide you with a code for integration with your website in case you need that.
Device recognition - no problem - just get in touch with us at [email protected]