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    Unhappy Problem with my external HDD :(

    So two nights before my dissertation was due, I was typing on my Macbook and it slipped off my legs and tugged my Samsung harddrive along with it, and this device removal message came up. The hard-drive was still plugged in though.

    And being the most unfortunate person ever, it wouldn't detect my hard-drive when I plugged it in again, I also restarted my Macbook and tried, no luck.

    I then plugged it into my desktop PC and it didn't work as well.

    It just kept flashing. I assumed that it was trying to connect?

    I then went to ask the computer technicians and my university and they couldn't connect it as well.

    I think I've killed it

    But I would like to know if there was a way to make it work again, or at least getting saving all of my stuff that was in the hard-drive.

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    I'm sure the data will still be intact on the drive itself.

    Most likely something's came loose inside the drive casing/lead. (connection persay)

    Have you opened it up to take a look?

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    Nope I'm not a tech person really.

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    The Data on the Drive must be intact. Take it to a Computer shop they will recover the data for you but its gonna cost you most probably more than the HDD itself. Also check with the manufacturer some companies like Western Digital have data recovery services just to keep the warranty in case.


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    As ridiculous as this sounds, your drive is pretty much dead anyway, so give it a go. Unless of course you want to give your month's wages to a data recovery company. Then again it depends how important the data is.

    Find a foodbag or something you can seal, pop in your drive and stick it in the freezer for 30-45 minutes. Take it out, and plug it in.

    This is a reasonabley well known trick in data recovery. If it's the hard disk itself at fault and not the USB module part of it, you might be able to get an extra 10-15 minutes of life out of it, and salvage your data.

    You could always get another external hard disk caddy and give that a go first of all.

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    If you took it to the techs at your school, and they could not get it to work, then it more than likely is dead. Unless you took it to someone who was "busy" or not that knowledgeable. I would find the local "geek" on campus (find out who is running a "linux box" -- seriously) and ask them about it.

    I'm still amazed at how many people don't have backups.... this should not be an issue... at least at getting "stuff" back.
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    I gotta agree with OWM. It could just be the base. My case on my WD External died, but the hard drive was all in tact. Just had to buy an eternal casing and plug it all in there. If you took it to the local guys at the university, from how it sounded they just tried to plug it in again, same thing you did which doesnt do anything.

    1. Find a compatible external enclosure.
    2. Find a store that sells it with a return policy if its open.
    3. Buy it
    4. Try it.
    5. a. if it works whoohoo, you saved urself a lot
    b. Doesnt work - return the external casing and get a refund, only thing lost is time.
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