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    Looking for unix server security tips?

    Hi there,

    My server has been hacked, I need you please to help learn about Unix server security to protect my server. Please anything that can help.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Server security is a proactive activity, not a reactive one as you need now. You need to find the source of the intrusion first, eject the malicious user/content, and then work on implementing security measures.

    Without knowing more details about your problem, we can't really give you any specifics. General "good ideas" are a firewall, bruteforce detection, suhosin/mod_sec/suphp/suexec for Apache+PHP, custom port+key auth for SSH, and of course requiring strong client passwords for all net-facing apps.

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    If you are running Cpanel/WHM, you would be better off using CSF.
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    Prevent 99.99% of system-wide exploits with the following:

    1. Regular Software updates
    2. Public key auth
    3. chrooted/non-privileged applications

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    Yes, you should need to get firewall installed on your server like csf or apf for security purpose.
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    It might be a better idea if you explain to us what you have done at the moment security-wise on your system. We can then provide some guidance on how you can improve on that.

    Obviously there is no simple answer, so if you are really unsure I would suggest hiring the services of a good sysadmin to get your machine locked down initially. Keep an eye on it, keep the server updated, keep all scripts etc updated and you should have minimal issues following those 3 rules.

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    If you are looking for a long term solution then start learning Linux from Scratch, if it is for immediate solution then you need to hire an admin to fix your server. If you are not strong in core Linux then you cannot learn the security part of it.
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