I've got some free time so I'm looking to take on some additional work. This is for myself personally rather than any company I own/represent.

I'm based in the UK, speak fluent english and apply a personal touch to all of my work. I am also more than happy to sit down and go through with you how I fixed the particular issue instead of just "it's fixed", which alot of admins wont do. I also don't believe in half doing any job, so if I cant do something properly or if I'm busy I will reject the request.

I charge a fixed rate of $25/Hour regardless of complexity.

So what can you hire me for?

I'm primarily looking for oddjobs related to cPanel/WHM or HyperVM/Xen environments which i've been handling day in day out for 4+ years/2+ years respectivley with 1000s of users.

- HyperVM/Xen server setups + troubleshooting
- HyperVM/Xen OS template creation
- GUI + VNC server setups
- cPanel server setups
- cPanel server migrations
- Securing/Troubleshooting systems
- Updating/maintainence + healthchecking of systems
- Script installation
- Consultation/advice

Let me know how I can help you

Email: [email protected]