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    slow and slow and boring

    hello folks ,

    i have a strange problem at my server ,

    i hosted 1 wesite ( forum script with no plugins )

    when my traffic consuption reache to 25mbs the server running very slow for hours although the load avarage is very normal 1-2 Iowait 3% ram consumption 8-10Gb

    my uplink port 1Gb and of course my DC said the connection is normal with no limitation

    the server specs are good
    Quad procs 7200 ,16Gb ram ,15K SCSI speed

    connections reache to 2000-2500 per seconds

    anybody advice !


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    What version of mysql and what table type (myisam/innodb) do you use? Some older versions of mysql 5 have a threading issue in innodb that would cause this sort of symptoms with large numbers of concurrent threads.

    If your using myisam you may be suffering from lots of threads waiting for others to release table locks.

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    thanks RBBOT for ur replay

    mysql version 5.0.81-community
    os = RHEL4
    tables type myisam


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    When its busy, in mysql, run 'show processlist;'

    If it shows a lot of processes in a 'Locked' state, you probably need to change the table they are using to innodb so that it has row-level locking rather than table-level locking. Check the support community for your forum script- they can probably advise on which tables should be innodb.

    You should also read up on the innodb configuraiton settings and ensure they are suitable before changing a table type. In particular, make sure you have 1 table per file option on so that it doesn't put all innodb tables in one big file.

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