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    Resellers/Hosters your own nameservers still

    Hello, with most dns being able to be handled by the domain owner through register/godaddy, etc. are resellers/hosters still finding they need to run their own name servers? or do you tell customer the IP to change their A record to? doesn't seem like running your own dns server is such a requirement like years ago was.
    Looking for thoughts/experiences?

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    Having the client set their own A records at their registrar is a bad idea, since they'd need to go to both control panels when they add a subdomain, for example. If the client wants to do it that way, that's their choice but you certainly shouldn't require them to do it.

    So to avoid that you need to use nameservers that will be updated automatically (those provided by your host), but you still have a choice of creating nameservers on your own domain or just using your host's domain. To me, it's an absolute requirement to use your own domain because this will allow you to change providers as the need arises, without asking your clients to make changes themselves. Nothing's changed - all this is just like it's always been.

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    Another benefit of using your host's DNS servers is in cases where the host needs to reconfigure their network. For example, if they need to migrate your account from one server to another then they can just do it instead of having to wait for you to update the IP on your 3rd party DNS server.

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    I would say it highly varies based on your target market. If your customers mostly handle their own domain registration and run lots of services on their domain (potentially hosting some servers themselves and having you host others), then they should be fine to use their registrar DNS or choose a specialty DNS service provider (NeuStar/UltraDNS, Dyn, EasyDNS, etc).

    However if you mostly have small non-technically savvy customers who have you handle their entire internet presence, then you will probably should provide your own name servers to simplify configuration. The only exception I can see would be a registrar who offers programmatic access to change entries in their customers' zones. If this exists, then you should be able to integrate zone updates into to your control panel transparently.

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