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    Question Get list of domains using specific nameservers?


    Is it possible to get a list of domains that are using a specific pair of nameservers?

    We've purchased several hosting companies over the years, and would like to consolidate the nameservers we are using and need to manage.

    Thus.. we need to figure out which customers are using which nameservers.

    So getting a list of which domains are using the nameservers we don't want to use any more would be a nice easy way. Then we can contact those specific customers only.

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  2. #2 probably gives such lists with paid accounts. However, if you have a list of all domains, you could achieve desired results with few commands on bash

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    Turn on query logging on the nameservers. Run the log through awk, sort & uniq to get a list of IP's making queries.

    Which of those listed are your customers would be up to you to figure out though.

    To make it simpler in future, consider configuring the nameservers to only permit recursion from IP's assigned to your customers.
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    You did not specify if you are talking about authoritative DNS or recursive DNS.

    For authoritative DNS, I would suggest looking at the zone files. Anyone can point at your DNS, but the only relevent customers are those who have active zones. If I own, then I could claim your NS handles the zone "", but if you do not have that zone, little is lost of your nameserver goes away.

    However, recursive DNS is another issue altogether. If you are offering recursive DNS to your customers, you can try to guess who is using it by logging incoming request IPs and mapping them to customers, but this will be hit and miss. There is always that one server that has you configured for DNS, has been turned off for six months, and is booted one day. You have no way to detect this.

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    From the OP, seems they already have a list of client domains, and need to know which of their nameservers are being used by those clients. I hope the following command might help you. <domain.lst> is a file containing list of domains, you are looking up.

    cat domain.lst | xargs -izzz -n 1 sh -c "echo \"Domain: \" zzz; whois -n zzz | grep \"Name Server\"; echo"

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