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    Regarding NetBooks/NoteBooks Etc


    I am basically looking for something low budget that will happily run microsoft office software + google chrome. I am not 100% sure on what netbooks/notebooks can and can't run and the same with what the difference is between them!

    Any advise for a noob?


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    Most netbooks will have no problem running this combinaton, most if not all new ones have atleast 1G of ram with xp installed. They come as cheap as $300 bucks. They have no CDROM drive and not as much capacity as regular notebooks, but should run those applications without a problem.
    Check out the HP Mini.

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    If in the states, I'd wait until black friday (or maybe before) to see if someone will launch a deal for a laptop around the same price.

    Friend of mine picked up a laptop today for $300 for his kid... said he might go back and get one... was surprised it was good.

    BF deals should be fairly good this year for laptop deals.

    I don't care for netbooks. Sure they work for some... screen is too small. But they will do basic stuff fairly well (ones I tested).
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    I have had two eeePCs and I just can't find the keyboard and trackpad to be big enough to use, not to mention the screen. They are great for portable computing in a pinch but otherwise I'm not a fan.

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    I have a Dell Netbook with:

    Intel Atom Processor Z530 (1.6GHz/533MHz FSB/512K Cache)
    Windows XP Pro
    32GB Solid State Drive

    It was roughly $300 and use it simply to check email, and surf the web while not home. I use things such as SecureCRT, AIM, Skype, and several other basic programs along with Microsoft Office on it with no issue. Just remember there is no CD/DVD drive on Netbooks so it is wise to have an external drive.
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