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    * Attack site

    We have a personal website hosted by Ipower. It has been hacked in the past (it is in frontpage 2003). We recently contacted Ipower as the site wouldn't come up and they said they fixed it. When we went to the actual file, there was pages of prescription drug related add ons which we deleted. The site now works and we did a new page with an advertisement for a party but when we emailed it to people, to our horror, they told us that they couldn't open it as it was labeled as a virus by their computer and an "attack site" by some others. We don't get any such notifications on our home computer (AVG) or on our laptop (McAfee). What do we need to do to make sure that this is an okay site from here on in?

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    To be honest your web files are injected. Different drug or related URLs are mostly injected at the bottom of the pages. You can either ask your host to search and remove the injected code OR delete the files and upload the files from a clean backup.
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    Yes, but we removed those codes (thought we did anyway). How can we be sure that the host is really cleaning up the files?

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    I had the same issue before, I found out that there is an iframe script added to the end of the index file of my sites. If you have a joomla site you have to check each index file of each directory, you need to do this from a scaned computer.
    That's it.

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