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    Looking for a partner/administrator for Seedbox Business

    I'm building my business plan now for a new seedbox company. I'm looking for someone who has extensive Linux, Windows, Torrenflux experience. In addition, I'm looking for someone who understands the culture of the private tracker world. This is a few months removed from launch and as I stated I'm looking not only for an administrator but someone who I can bounce ideas of off. I'm write now getting the funding and hopefully will have the plan finished along with financing by early spring the latest. I live in Miami but am amenable to someone not from the area.

    Please email me at [email protected]

    I have 15 years IT sales experience and 7 years managing 100 million dollar Cisco VAR. You can see my profile on

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    Are you looking someone that local or outsource?

    if outsource then you can use or search for freelance website

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