LinkedIn is known as the premier professional social network on the Internet, where connections and discussions with industry peers occur on a regular basis. The presence of HostingCon on LinkedIn creates a powerful pre and post-show networking tool to ask questions, connect with fellow attendees, and get more out of the largest web hosting and hosted services conference every year.

The HostingCon group on LinkedIn is the place to connect with web hosting and hosted services industry peers from all over the world. Many of the HostingCon group members have attended past HostingCon events, so if you have a question about the conference feel free to post a new discussion asking what’s on your mind. Most group members would be happy to give you an answer!

We’ll be regularly updating the HostingCon LinkedIn group with all of the latest HostingCon news and announcements, so be sure to join. Plus, as an added bonus for our group members, we’ll be offering exclusive discounts on HostingCon 2010 registration!

As a side note, if you’re part of the old Hosting Con group (notice the space) on LinkedIn, please join the newly created HostingCon group mentioned above. The reason for the switch is to apply consistent branding across every HostingCon web presence. LinkedIn would not allow us to change the name of the old group or merge the member bases, so we have to ask all of the current Hosting Con members to join the new group. Once you’ve joined the new HostingCon group, feel free to remove yourself from the old one.

Attending HostingCon 2010? Not sure if you’ll be able to make it to the conference yet?. Either way, be sure to RSVP at the HostingCon 2010 event on LinkedIn. You can mark your attendance down now if you’re confident you’ll be attending, or mark yourself as interested if you’re not sure about your budget or schedule. If circumstances change as the show draws closer you can always change your RSVP status!

LinkedIn is a powerful professional networking tool, and we’re happy to leverage LinkedIn to provide our past and future attendees a valuable networking tool to get the most out of the HostingCon conference experience!

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