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    Dedicated Server for UK corporate

    I've been asked to put a list together of UK suppliers of dedicated servers for LAMP and Windows webhosting.

    The organisation's IT department wants to stop hosting different department websites.

    I have companies like Rackspace, Positive Internet and Peer1 on the list.

    What others would you suggest?

    They'd need to be companies that would pass a due diligence, secuirty and quality audit etc.!

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    You can look at poundhost, redstation, uk2, coreix, the planet as well.

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    rapidswitch, iomart

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    A great help.

    Thanks both.

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    I have been using for quite awhile now. Quite happy with their service, and they're only company I know of in the whole world to still offer free ip addresses to their customers (Less RIPE requirements of course).

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    Hi Brookie,

    Any reason why you want only UK datacenters? There are a great deal of superb ones in the states that I am sure could fill your needs.
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    I've not used them myself although i've experienced their network and it's reasonabley good,

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    I recommend UKDedicated although nearly all other providers I have seen in the thread all have good reputations and excellent coverage in the UK.

    I think they may want a UK service as obviously UK can claim back VAT from the tax man.
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