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    MySQL 4.1 vs 5.1/5.0 (memory usage)

    Does anyone know if MySQL 5.1 or 5.0 uses less memory than 4.1 does?

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    Usually the amount of memory you choose to allocate to the various buffers in the configuration file dominates the overall memory consumption of the server and the various versions are similar in respect of the way they use buffers. Different versions may use more/less memory outside the buffers but it won't be that significant compared to the part you control from the configuration.

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    I cant say for certain but MySQL5 does brings some performance benefits over MySQL4 so based on that you will likely get more performance out of fewer resources.

    Personally I upgraded everything to MySQL5 about two years ago now and would never look back, the procedure is simple enough.

    The difference is going to be quite minimal at best however, and really comes down to how MySQL is configured through your /etc/my.cnf as well.

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    Thanks a lot guys!

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