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    GoogleApps question

    I want to set up Google Apps to use the mail ( and docs ( bit of it, but I want the actual domain to point to my web hosting company

    Which settings should I have?

    When I enabled it via, it added all of these DNS records, and removed my original A record pointing to my domain.

    It added MX pointing my domain to their domain (example)


    and then some CNAME records


    but then it also made three A records

    A xx.xx.xx.xx

    Anyway, none of the IPs actually work if I view them in Firefox, and I didn't want Google Sites anyway, so I disabled it and removed the A records and added my own again, but now my site won't load up

    The server is definitely up because I can view it via IP and it's hostname, but now via my domain name.

    I know it says up to 48 hours but whenever I update DNS records they're always updated instantly.

    Also, is it possible to use Gmail Notifier (desktop) with a GoogleApps email?

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    nvm, I got it working now

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