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Thread: simple cart ?

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    simple cart ?


    some people ask me if there are any simple cart to get,

    they want to install to sell works on website,

    they do not need complex feature,

    do you know any suitable scripts?

    i hope it is php with mysql


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    try this
    i will download it and try it over my localhost and tell you

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    I've been doing shopping cart installs for a good number of years and I always found ZenCart to be very easy to install and use. And yes ZenCart is PHP and MySQL. Best of luck to you!
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    There are a whole bunch of free open source ecommece setups out there but few that are really simple as they've all grown over the years. Thats not to say you can strip back the feature set for you clients. A great opensource PHP based one is OSCommercce ( Real easy to install and use and there are a whole bunch of templates to choose from if you don't even want to design something.

    Other than that a much more fully featured one is magento ( but it may be a little overkill for what you are trying to do!
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    try simpleCart, it's javascript based shopping cart, dead simple

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    Well for a simple cart you should look into PrestaShop, which is open source and works great.
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    Try Quick.Cart ->,en,9.html

    It's PHP based shopping cart software that is not required SQL database.
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