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    Dedicated/Guaranteed Bandwidth Question

    I was wondering if this is an unmetered plan or if it is just the connection for the bandwidth someone is offering.

    For example, if a company is offering 4000gb of bandwidth, but I upgrade to 20MBPS HIGH-USAGE (DEDICATED/GUARANTEED), is this just the connection for the 4000gb or is this a dedicated "unmetered" plan.

    Sorry if this is a stupid question.

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    How much are they charging for 20 mbps? If its low, they are lying in saying it is dedicated or guranteed. Bandwidth costs money.

    Unmetered is always oversold. They cannot afford to give you a large pipe all to yourself without charging appropriately for it.

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    They are charging $100. I'm really confused as to whether this is an "unmetered" plan or not.

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    There is absolutely no way they can charge $100/mo for dedicated bandwidth of that size.
    It is unmetered in that you are getting a connection to the pipe and they do not measure your usage on it. But, at that price, they have to be overselling that pipe to many, many people. It is the same pipe. It can only carry so many bits per second. If there are enough people using it, it will clog.

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    Thanks for your help.

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    If it's $100 _extra_ for that bandwidth, it's perfectly possible, depending on the upstream carriers they are using. Wholesale tier 2 bandwidth nowadays can range from $1.5 to $5/meg depending on pipe size, contract duration, and carrier.

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    I believe that they are upgrading you to 20Mbps Dedicated Unmetered Port for an extra $100/mo. If you max that port 24/7, you will get ~ 6,600GB/mo.
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    I would go with what VINAX said, but to be positive, always ask your host. It'll save confusion in the end.

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